Why 'Little Big' First Aid?

So, where did the name come from?

Rather than pluck a name out of the sky, I actually put quite a lot of thought into this one (which is very unlike me).

I supposed I wanted the name to explain everything about me and my new business, without being totally obvious.

It started with the classes. Right from the beginning, I wanted to offer short classes which are jam packed with important #firstaid information. I wanted the classes to give people big skills in just a little amount of time.

I wanted the classes to focus mainly on the little guys in our lives with a big emphasis on #babyandchildfirstaid. I also wanted to recognise that kids don't stop getting into scrapes when they become teenagers, so designed the classes to cover the differences between babies, kids and adults. In the first aid world, we become adults at adolescence.

Then, there's the other stream to what we do...our classes aren't just for adults (big people). We're happy to go along to schools, clubs, teams and associations to teach first aid to kids (little people). Some people think that it's not worth teaching first aid to kids, but just knowing how and when to call for help can #savelives.

Then it's over to my family, I'm not very tall and Mr LittleBigFirstAid, is very tall, hence Little Big. Then we have two amazing kids - the big one who is nearly 6 and the little one who is 2.

Then over to me...I'm very much a big personality. The go bright or go home sort. Having spent ten years as a trainer, I have to be!

I love the name. I hope you do too. x